Emerald Warriors Clan Events

Emerald Warriors is a UNSC Clan. We are based off of no lore but commitment, we show interest in people who have skill in either PvP or PvE and that could but you in a good spot in the clan. We are a disciplined clan which we do trials for people to get into high ranks and divisions but we will make the trial so it fits for your real life. Enough said lets get into our clan. (You have to be 12+ to join)

The Emerald Warriors is consisted of 5 active divisions, each division have 3 platoons (groups) which can only have 4 people in. We have ranks for each division.
If you’re in the OIAT and you just joined, your rank would be OCDT which stands for OIAT Cadet.

O/M/V/SCDT - Cadet
O/M/V/SPVT - Private
O/M/V/SCPL - Corpral
O/M/V/SSGT - Sergent
O/M/V/SLNT - Liuetenent
O/M/V/SCPT - Captain (Commands a platoon)

Each division has 3 types of platoon consisting of: (This does not include The Mercenary’s)
Snipers (Back Line)
Shock Troopers (Front Line)
Hunters (Flankers)
These are the divisions of the Emerald Warriors:

The Vanguard-Led by (CitywideBridge4), elite troops trained for 2 weeks under the supervision of three active admins. These guys have some of the hardest training known to man. SR (level) - 40+

The Mercenary’s-Led by (GruntBuster2100), these troops are the best of the best. Training to get into this branch takes 7 weeks to become a standard Mercenary and 1 month to become a Emerald Team Commander. SR - 50+

The OIAT’s-Led by (SpArX ShAdOw), elite soldiers and the newest version of orbital insertion war fighters. SR - 45+

The Spec Ops-Led by (Stocky1411), these troops make up the supportive backbone of the Emerald Warriors. Highly skilled and highly disciplined, these soldiers are NOT to be trifled with. SR - 30+

The Marines-Led by (Every Admin), these troops are the basic trained troops of the Warriors. Decently skilled with good amounts of discipline, a squad of these soldiers can handle a variety of threats given to them. SR - Any level

Admins = SpArX ShAdOw (Leader), GruntBuster2100, CitywideBridge4 and Stocky1411

If you consider in wanting to join, drop a request to join and ill get back to you but no default messages. You will be put through a trail to see what your skill is and your strengths and weaknesses + what can benefit the clan in anyway