Emblems Post (Post Wants, Wishs, & Thoughts)

Hey to everyone,

So one of the most popular comments i have noticed when i play with my group of friends is " why is there no Phoenix symbol?". So I have looked on google and came accross a chart showing the break down of what is unlocked when. Its a good chart and there is a Hawk/Phoenix in the chart under “other” but no description can be found on how to unlock that. So lets see if anyone has an idea when.

Also if you got some good idea for symbols post them, or if you have some thoughts on what should be added to make cooler symbols post them here as well.


wish they didn’t take out the royal flush emblems (spade, heart, club, diamond)

we used to use them for our party

Hawk and Marathon emblems.

a smiley face, several emoticons, mark of shame, and will halo ever get jet black as a color

I think 343 did a better job at getting more colors into the game for armour and emblems, however there are some colors that need to be added.

Jet Black definitly needs to be added!!!



i would love to see more, less generic emblems.

because let’s face it. Call of Duty has the best emblem generator. the limited creativity with the Halo emblems is kind of embarrassing.

Isn’t the phoenix unlocked at SR130? :confused:

You get a phoenix at 130 - well at least it’s a bird of some sort.

I think it’d be cool if at 130 you also got jet black as a colour option (or at skill level 50).

I miss my Crescent Moon emblem.