Emblems position on armor

This is just a small thing but most armors cover up the the emblem could we get the option to move the emblem to another part of the body like on the shoulder or on the leg/hip would be nice to see a emblem if you find one you like


Agreed. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​


Or even switch left to right, or upper/ lower chest.

Not every shoulder would have a space for an emblem

But we do need multiple emblem locations


I didn’t read closely enough. I’m a dummy. Full agreement.

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Just another reason not to care about emblems

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Yeah it’s really goofy what they went with.

Wish we could just have a full on Tony Hawk/WWE style Decal system for our emblems on our armor, vehicles, and weapons…

But hell we can hardly even change the colors of our emblems anymore, they just get skins like everything else for some insane non-reason.


Or it would nice to have it displayed on the shoulders like Halo 2, 3 & 4 did


If you had a larger shoulder piece, I honestly wouldn’t mind if they gave me the option to put my Emblem on it IMO…

I think I remember the CQB Shoulders ( one of them, forgot wither it was left or right ) being able to allow you to do that in… I think it was Halo 3?

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this would be great, would also be better if we could change the emblem size too

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