Emblems, emblems, and more emblems...

Why does everything reward an emblem? Does anyone care at all?

Complete a commendation=emblem

New level=emblem

Compete in Arena=emblem

Open REQ pack=emblems

Reach the ridiculous CSR 152=emblem

Seriously who cares about 300+ emblems? Are people waking up every day just incredibly stoked to grind for an emblem? I literally set mine one time and never change it. Let people customize their own and this entire “reward” becomes even more irrelevant.

It’s so boring. You would think completing a weapon commendation would give you a handful of Legendary versions of that weapon, NOPE! An emblem you’ll never use!

Super amazing armor ala “Haunted Helmet” for CSR152? NOPE, an emblem.

Champion in February? Same emblem the Bronze 4 year old got.

C’mon guys, give us some sort of incentive. We’re not grinding our lives away for something we’ve had as a default customization for 15 years.

It’s the little things…

emblem = a little bane in req packs.