Emblems! Are they redundant?

Does anyone else feel since halo 4 emblems just dont feel that important as they where compared to H2,H3 and Reach. Halo 2 was the best since you had player markers, emblems displayed above there head. Then with the good UI systems in Halo 3 and Reach emblems still stood out in the menus and could tell people apart.
Since Halo 4 the emblems were not really the best with the new UI and the card system they had with the menus. Since the MCC now player banners seem to be good to have and im glad that there in infinite. I would like your emblem to be a good part of infinite and not just a menu option that no one really uses because ya cant really see it. I would like to see your emblem on your character and you can choose where to have it. Chest, Shoulder, helmet etc. Even at the start of a match with your character stance maybe your emblem could be somewhere there too in some form. I know people would be upset if emblems were removed which is why they haven’t been yet but it does feel like that there not that important anymore. I would like to see some new feature with your emblems in infinite. I would like to ditch the friend and foe system and no more highlighted characters. Just have your teammates markers with there emblems and have enemy’s with there gamertag in red text above there head.

Anyone have any ideas what could be a new feature with emblems for infinite or a refresh way to input them into the game rather than just having it be an option being locked into your palyers banner.

I would like the emblems to be more noticeable and prevalent in infinite. I also like your idea of customizing where the emblem would appear on armor. This can help your spartan be even more distinguished from the crowd.