Emblems and 100% all reqs question.

So, I buy reqs often but I was only at around 60%. This Christmas my wife asked what I wanted and I told her Halo 5 reqs. So she gave me a Microsoft gift card. You can guess how long that lasted.

Now I have just a few things left. Whispered Truth, 10 helmets and 10 armors. Now my question is will I get an emblem to let me know I have all available reqs like I did when I finished Silver packs or will I keep just getting emblems? I know most emblems are tied to commendations so I don’t know if they are unlocked via reqs.

Thanks in advance

If nothing else, you’ll know because you’ll open a gold pack and get no permanent unlocks.

You only get an emblem for finishing all the common reqs (nadir), I do not believe there is one for finishing silvers or golds.