Emblem REQ packs?

Okay hear me out, I’ve always used the Fleur De Lis emblem and I’m kinda bummed it isn’t in halo 5. I noticed that there are a few other emblems in reach and the original trilogy that didn’t make it as well. So my question is, what if 343 made an emblem req pack to where you can unlock them, I don’t think it would be too hard to threw a few emblems in the game and it shouldn’t cause any issues. What do you all think of this theory? (Either way I miss my original Fleur de Lis emblem and would love to see it in halo 5)

Your statement is true, it most likely wouldn’t be that hard to add, although i would say there isn’t really a requirement for any more emblems. Also 343 aren’t doing any real updates to halo 5 and also aren’t really adding new content, so it’s highly unlikely this will happen I’m afraid.

no, halo 5 has so many emblems already

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> no, halo 5 has so many emblems already

Exactly my point, a hand full of original emblems won’t hurt.

We need an update.