Emblem customization

So I saw that there will be emblems in Halo 4 from the thread detailing things such as cryo tubes and recruit armor for the Halo 4 LE.

I was thinking - What if instead of choosing from different patterns and colors, we simply create our own?
Quite simply…have any of you played call of duty: black ops? Well, in its playercard (Your players representation), there is an emblem. However, this emblem is created yourself - you have a certain amount of layers, and you can put unlocked patterns into the emblem, and edit them, rotating them, enlarging them, changing the colors, changing what is in front of what, etc.

This way, many unique emblems were created in that game. If you want examples, just go on youtube and search “black ops emblems”. That is one of the revolutionary customizations that I have seen in the game.

So, I understand that Frank O’Conner was also a fan of Black Ops. So, I’m wondering, would this feature somehow be in Halo 4, and if not, do you think it’s a good thing to have it in future Halo’s?

Well because, simply put, too many players would be making emblems that are immature.
You know what I mean.
Circle background and Target on Toggle was one of them in halo 3.

I’ll say it without the filter shooting me down.

Black ops emblems would often consist of Penises, naked women and racist terms.

No, we don’t ever need a BO emblem creator. Halo has alot of awesome emblems already.