Emblem Copyright Risks 343 Help Please!


I have some questions about emblem rights. I am a YouTuber, among other things, and have been on a quest to find an appropriate emblem. I did. In all of the Halo games, I usually have the Jolly Roger with Ball o’ Flame behind it. So, I built a modified emblem off of this to be used on YouTube. Please look at my Google + account, located here: Sign in - Google Accounts ||| If this link doesn’t work, go to Google + and look up “LG Dreadnought”. :slight_smile:

Basically, I used the skull from the Jolly Roger, made it black with red eyes, added a flaming green background and have the Heroic shield right behind the skull. So, with this, there are a lot of 343/Bungie specific images. I also used photoshop to bevel/emboss and improve it, so it is not EXACTLY like yours, but similar. I am not making any money off of my channel, so is it alright for me to use this emblem? Who should I talk to to get this approved? Thanks!


(ps: Is there an a function on the post interface that lets me add images?)