Emblem Carry-over to Bungie.net

Ok, so hopefully the title conveyed enough of what I was trying to get across without making it a lot longer than it needed to be. Either way, I’m rather stumped here. If you go onto bungie.net and try to edit your ‘Avatar’, you will notice that there’s not an option for you to upload your own. It kinda sucks, but no big deal because at the bottom it has a place called SneakerNet. According to that section, you can use your Halo Reach emblem if you were playing online before April 1, 2012. (No, it’s not a prank… I’ve seen someone do it.) Though, according to ‘it’, I have no data to be pulled… Odd, because I was DEFINATELY playing before that date. In fact, most of my online achievements predate that. Any help or advice would be appreciated at this point.

Bungie and 343 are not the same company fyi, so Halo related items would have been locked to each others website and will not translate to one another.

If you are having issues on bungie, it would be best to go to their support page.