embarrassing, however, how do I steal a Wraith

It seems like my skills are failing me because I want to get hijack a wraith achievement but when I board it I just Spartan punch the crap out of the thing until it explodes. Please remind me how to hijack a freaking Wraith, lol

It used to be you’d plasma burst it and pounded the cap off the driver’s dome and introduced your armored fist to his squishy face. Now I don’t know, I keep destroying them also.

Simply jump in the turret on the wraith and the driver will hop out.

Kill the person using the turret and use a Plasma Charge to stop the Wraith and get on the turret. The driver will get out and you can use the Wraith.

kill the turret guy. emp it. jump into turret seat. kill the driver when he jumps out. get out of turret. jump into the driver seat. then destroy everything.

So kill the Elite manning the turret, jump onto to the thing without being splattered, take over the turret, than kill the driver after he abandons his plasma firing death machine? Sounds easy enough, though I do miss the days when I would simply punch the thing a few times, kill its occupants without destroying the vessel and just take it as my own. :smiley:

Kill turret guy, EMP wraith shoot the driver overhead door, kill driver.

lets all tell him the same story one more time.

No need Mr Platypus, got it, achievement accomplished, these forums can be helpful and not just a place to complain about the DMR in match making. Pretty cool really.