Email but nothing on waypoint notifications

Received an email about joining the flighting.

It tells me to go to my notification/messages in waypoint. I login, yes with the same account but no messages.

Yeah i’d like to join and play, but i can’t because the info isn’t being sent to my account.


Yeah I got one too but not seeing anything there as well.

Same problem.

Yup yup. Same exact here. No message or notification on the waypoint account. I have a feeling it will just be really delayed, but eventually get to our inboxes…i hope.

Dorwrath, Bluewind85, Thel Vadam and I ElectricLee I - can you all check your Insider profile - there should be a note about what flight you have been accepted to down at the bottom:

I checked my insider profile and at the bottom it has:
mcc - feb
Microsoft Store
I clicked the link and came back as HTTP ERROR 400
UPDATE:Look likes it’s working now,Thank you!

I got the notification. It was very delayed compared to normally.

Normally when i get the email i will see the message on waypoint. This was delayed by a lot.

But all is good, thank you

Yeah go into your Halo Insider Profile to find the flights at the bottom.