Elven Deadey looking for a clan

Hey I’m Elven Deadeye (S279) and I’m looking for an organized and mature clan or team. I’ve been playing reach since 2011 and by now I’m over brigadier. I prefer big team battle, infection, team swat, forge, and custom games. I don’t have a mic but I can talk through message. Please post if you are in need of a member!

Leadership opportunities are available! Be the Bullet is seeking dedicated, active Halo players to join our community!

We support casual and competitive gamers of all skill and rank levels. We have a military structure, you can view our structure here.

We have players from the United States, Canada, UK, Netherlands, and India. And we are always looking for players in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and across the Pacific. You can view our roster here

Our requirements for joining are simple:

> Be at least 14 years of age
> Have a working microphone
> Be able to attend practices or events (for casual teams) weekly
> Be able to access our site on a regular basis
> Willing to change your emblem
> Purchasing Halo 4

We are moving toward a Team based system, in which members of BtB form their own teams for competitive or casual purposes. We have additional requirements for Team Creation which you can see upon joining Be the Bullet, but any member of BtB is able to create a team in any game type of Halo. So, if you want to be a team leader, now is your chance.

> How To Get Into Be the Bullet

First you must visit our website BetheBullet.net, register and complete an application here.
Once it is submitted a member of our staff will reply and you will be placed in a Company based on your geographical location, and made a Recruit.
Your job as a recruit is to stay active, on our site and in the game attending as many events as you can, you must complete 2 mandatory practices before you are eligible to take a Boot Camp, these are held every Saturday. After passing Boot Camp you are promoted to Private and made an official member of Be the Bullet, at which time you are eligible to create a team and/or participate in clan matches.
You can view the entire enlistment thread here.

We don’t care if you’re the best, that’s all fine and dandy, but if you’re a d-bag and no one can stand to play with you because you rage constantly, and belittle other members of your team, well you aren’t much use to anyone.
Be the Bullet is a Community first, we want to play with people who ENJOY playing, who ENJOY getting on every night and just beating up on poor folks in matchmaking.

We strive to be the best, the best competitors and the best community, we look for QUALITY members over quantity. So, if you are looking for a revelation in gaming, look no further. Visit our website BetheBullet.net and get started today!

Sorry I don’t have some of the requirements but thanks for asking!

You can join Delta Force. I can fill you in on more if you would like Elven.


fill me in aswell plz


what is you age? im 13 tell if you meet a clan

add me on live aplhakiller117 playing right now

I’m 16 and ya I’ll add but 1 sec in middle of game