Eltes and spartans together again?

Yes they are enimies as of now but still why not put them into one group again just change thier settings so they have the same health and shields as Spartans…

I posted this because the forums seem more active!!

GO 343i!!

You know this mixed species thing was hinted at Halo Fest and some other videos. It showed Elites and Spartans on the same team, maybe it’s possible to have them tweaked for the classic playlist so it’s balanced?

Gotta love the Spec Ops Elite after all :).

I thought so too. (BTW i didnt go to halo fest) anyways they probaly were playing custom games!

I think the whole reason as to why Elites are only in specific gametypes is because of the whole health-regeneration thing.

But I don’t see why they can’t be changed! The Spec-Ops Elite is pretty freakin’ awesome! :slight_smile:

I really would like this to be implemented i would not use an elite but my brother quit halo cause he hates spartans and loves elites. (hes 12 but way to mature for his age.) but i would like to continue playing with him plus 2 species is better then 1 right?