Elites options In Halo 4

I am not happy with 343i’s handling of HALO.No elites,sucky grunts and no Firefight.I would also like to see a change in story because I like Elite allies.Also 343 I would like to see female elites.(they do exist,right)?

Ok, sorry, but get over it. Elites are in campaign just not MP. Whats wrong with the grunts? Look fine to me. And firefight is replaced with spartan ops, which is like an episodic campaign. Seems fine to me.

There are Elites. The Grunts look fine; great, in fact. Spartan Ops is basically the evolution of Firefight. It’s better. We’ll likely come across friendly Elites alongside the Arbiter. Female Elites do exist, but likely aren’t too discernible from their male counterparts.

Well, still the spartans look better,but at least in Forge?