Elites in MM !!!? MUST READ

let them be in all Gametypes unsept SWAT ,

people say they heal faster or have more health or something like that … well then
Make them as balanced as the Spartans , but ofcourse they have more mass right?
Soo who cares …

Its optional ,

if you want to be an elite go for it.

also it would be cool if they added more armor for the elites hopefully ones that make the armor smaller.

I dont even like elites that much , but you know other people do…

i would say this problem is one of Reaches biggest fail.

No. In H3 this was the biggest annoyance. Ask any decent player that wasnt an elite. They will more then likey agree. Hence elite slayer. Maybe its own playlist?

No , but if we even it up , The spartans would get the advantage . its clear the elites are bigger … Well then bigger target…

And by the way i did play halo 3 as a spartan .