elites in matchmaking

does anyone know why we cannot play as elites in matchmaking besides invasion/ elite slayer. i mean we could in halo 3 and we can in customs so i dont get it.

Bungie wanted your Spartan to be your identity in Reach.

I played as an Elite in H3, so I was kinda bummed.
If they’re in Halo 4, I’d like 343i to let us play as them freely like in H3.

Elites are actually faster and stronger in Reach. Throwing them in with spartans would be unbalanced.

Elite slayer is a laugh though.

Its because elites were harder to headshot. In halo 3 a player playing as an elite had an the advantage. Everybody playing swat above lvl 40 was an elite for this reason. Thats why you can’t choose anymore

should also have elite armour coustmization.

and i also like the elites hud better but in halo 3 elites should have started with a diffrent weapon then a AR.