Elites in h4 should've been brutes

This is one of the biggest missed opportunities I can think of in Halo.
It fits a lot better as a sequel to Halo 3, doesn’t feel as a recton to that game and doesn’t require you go through external material to understand why they are enemies.
Plus, their behaviour and design are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for brutes. 11/10. I swear, just change the shape of the head a bit, bring the mandibles together and get the legs more straight. Even the ranks are slightly similar to H3’s brutes.

Yeah but in the lore the Covenants in H4 are commanded by Jul’ Mdama, and he is an Elite and after the replacement of the Elite guard of the Prophets, Elites to Brutes. I don’t think elites and brutes are close friends. And as there are no more prophets, no more guard so no Brutes.

I don’t know, I actually was pretty tired of fighting brutes by the time I was finishing up Halo 3’s campaign. Elites just always led to more interesting encounters for me. I wish they had explained the Covenant’s inclusion in Halo 4 better, though.

The Brute’s may be coming back for Halo: Infinite but that is all speculation as of right now. Regardless, I think Halo 4 should have been about the Elites because they are a staple in the Halo Universe and there really is no better way to kick off a whole new trilogy than having the three alien races that were there in the beginning of the original Halo trilogy.

After playing Halo 2 and 3 the brutes became quite rage inducing when they drop their weapons and charge so I preferred elites in halo 4.

The brutes were incredibly fun to fight in Halo 3, way more fun than the Reach/4 Elites at any rate! I would’ve been totally down if they went with H3 brutes.