Elites in forerunner armor?

In halo 5 if there is both good guy (arbiter) and bad guy (storm) elites, a good way to tell them apart would be to have the bad elites wear forerunner armor like promethean knights. It would look cool, and it makes sense too since they’re working with the prometheans, they would use they’re gear probably.

I think it might make sense for the Storm considering the fact that its members operated alongside the mechanical Prometheans and used their weaponry. Perhaps they’ll find a way to modify their armour and use it for themselves.

I can’t imagine it being dispersed to every Covenant troop in the event that such armour is developed and his is in short-supply. Likely, only higher ranks like Elite Zealots would gain access to the armour.

Elites in Forerunner Armour would be damn near unstoppable, I like