Elites for Halo 4 Matchmaking

Alright I know most of you probably really don’t care about Elites but for those who do this is a Forum for you, so this Topic is about Elites being playable in Halo 4 Matchmaking and I am gonna give 5 reasons to why they should be added

  1. even though War games is suppose to tie into the story of the game, come on it’s holographic make the elite apart of the Spartan’s Experience give them the option to feel how it is to be in the shoes of their enemy, it’s a video game you can make anything possible

2)In Halo 3 they made elites equals to the Spartans, instead of better like they did in Halo Reach, so just Bring that back so people aren’t complaining how the elites is unfair

3)I’ve played Halo since it first came out as the original Halo 1, and yes I know Elites were not playable in the first game, but they were in Halo 2 and carried on into Halo 3 and somewhat in Reach, I loved being one, it gave the game a whole new feel to it, elites Fighting among Spartans was awesome

  1. Machinma when they add elites into their videos for weather to tell fan based stories that would be part of the Halo universe or to just make it funny, made the video just that much better

  2. 343i you have made quite a few fans angry some have even stopped playing halo cause of no elites, I for one enjoy the game, but I do miss being an elite cause it fits my Gaming personality, I only ask that you put them back in to the game even if it’s just for forge and custom games, although I would support online matchmaking too, give them a chance in Halo 4, and every other halo game you create, and I don’t care if you don’t put customizable armor in but it would be nice, just put them back in please

For those of you who want elites back please make this forum heard, I want the message to get across to 343i that the Sangheili players won’t be overlooked, and even if you don’t play as an elite give support to this to let us be heard, and for those haters out there I do ask that you could be considerate to others feel free to express your opinions but keep it clean please

Elite since H2, sometimes with Daisy recreation as a spartan, but i <3 elites+^_^+ did you hear how Epic taking Locust out of Gears MP? gona be red COG vs. blue COG now in the next Gears game…
This gen of consoles is almost dead to me…

Umm hows about no

It’s pretty obvious that yes, Elites will bet added in later. They’re doing the best they can for their fans, one thing at a time. The least we can do is be patient for the hard work their putting out for us. I’m very excited for what the future may hold. :slight_smile: