Elites and Spartans mixed in MP?

So I’m watching a CTF game on Solarity over at Gametrailers and there I see a Blue elite and a Blue Spartan running next to eachothers. So will we be able to do this now? I haven’t missed it so much in Reach but it would be cool to have choice.

You can see the video over here:

It has always been possible to play as either race in customs. I would doubt that the races will be mixed into other playlists other than Invasion or race-specific gametypes (Elite Slayer still in Team Slayer for example) due to how each race is different (race size, strength, health, etc.).

Okey, didn’t know it worked in custom, sorry about that.

> Okey, didn’t know it worked in custom, sorry about that.

lol No need to apologize :slight_smile: You asked a question because you were curious about something that may have been possible, or may be possible. I just gave the reasons of what you were possibly seeing and why it may not happen is all.

One of the things I’ve noted in a few screenshots and videos is that Elites appear smaller in TU gameplay. It almost looks like in TU your model takes over with no stat changes, and they scaled down Elites but didn’t change their shape. Which in my opinion is AMAZING and PERFECT.

I wouldn’t mind some playlists becoming open to mixed species, like BTB or Squad Slayer.

Stuff like Swat, Snipers, and things like that would be out of the question of course.

As an Elite player I agree. I can fully understand why limited player models should exist for Swat, Snipers, MLG, Grifball, and Arena. It would also be cool to have an all Elite playlist, even just one, I mean you guys have all of them now, and this list of ones that are necessary is 5.