Elite Variant

They should make an Elite load out with Elite specific abilities. Like camouflage, hologram, and jet pack to replace ground pound, smart scope, and clamber. Load out weapons like plasma rifle/plasma pistol, or carbine/plasma pistol.

What do you guys think?

Just an idea for some new mechanics:

make the thruster button a " grab " button to chain actions.

remove the “a to clamber” and the sprint ability.

you can:

  • push large objects/ throw small objects with a grab/ melee combo

  • press crouch and grab to thrust/ throw/ roll/ sidestep in the direction indicated with the ministick

  • press grab and crouch without a ministick direction to lay down/ crawl

  • press grab and ministick l/r to pull yourself to a nearby wall

  • grab objects to throw them with the grab and grenade button.

  • grab a corner to lock around it.

  • hihjack in first person with grab and mellee.

  • ninja with jumping backwards, grab and melee.

  • climb with A- grab- A combo.

  • hold on edges with jumping and than holding grab.

  • counter melees (50%) with grab.

  • catch and throw back grenades with a well placed grab-throw combo.

  • rush (new sprint) short distances with grab and ministick forward.
    ( very fast, but only 2 seconds)
    ( you need to not point your gun at a wall when starting to rush)
    ( shield recharge penalty + slow turning penalty)
    ( sprinting and meleeing results in charge- like dammage)

  • use grab while jumping to hover 1 second.

  • crouch/ grab in mid air to dash to all sides ( but only a slight amount upwards)( use it downwards with a melee for a something-like-groundpound).

  • press grab and crouch( while rushing) to slide

  • you can shoot during every action, but sprint has the halo 5 sprint reticule and no aim assist/ bullet magnetism/ higher spread for automatic weapons
    ( hard to hit something )

  • The actions asociated with grab ( expect hijacking and melee) consume stamina from a regenerating bar.

  • an assasination animation is only started if you grab a player before meleeing them in the back.
    ( could be first person with a enlarged FoV)

crouch is located on the ministick button.

you can’t use some grab-actions ( sounds so wrong…) while dualwielding, like clamber, slide or boost.

  • this is a posibility to bring back dual wielding
  • it is logical, because you don’t have a free hand for grabing.(ehmm…yeah…)
    ( like climbing, counter-melee/melee, throw stuff, roll/dash)( extreme mussle climbing durring sprint)

the B button activates a mix between oldschool halo 3 equipement and halo reach equipement. it is a pick up like a power weapon, it has a recharge time like the AA#s from 4 and reach, but has limited uses like 2 times bubbleshield, 1 time energy drainer(slower(, 1 time armorlock( less vehicle dammage nerf), 20 sec jetpack ( activated with a second tap of jump) or camo, 3 mines, 2 sentinel turrets, etc.

  • this allows to balance abillitys with their amount of uses. these use times could also be doubled or set to endless in the options for custom gametypes.

The start button on your controller is used to change your grenade types. the back button gets the function of he old start button.
" show scores" is moved to D-pad right, teamspeak is moved to D-pad down.
In the campaign, the D-pad directions down, left and right are used to comand npc allies:

left: stay/defend
down: follow me
right: attack/ roam free

you can pickup items like the targeting device in the h4 campaign and activate it with holding Y .

carryable turrets should have a first person view with a enlarged FoV
vehicle third person view should be closer to the players head.

lower weapons: Y and grab
only bare fists: Y and melee
point: zoom and grab
salute: x and grab
wave: start and grab

zoom on every weapon, but less accuracy boost on headshot and no/ barely any on automatic weapons (achieved by extending the reticule on automatic weapons when zoomed in)
no aim lock while zoomed in

- the replacement of the spartan abilitys with grab alows elites with small " hoverpacks" in the multiplayer.
( could also be used for brutes)( canon related: volunteer elites from the arbiter are used for the spartans training with alien foes and the elites being able to fight honerable without actualy risking their lifes ( elite PvP))( the elites are scaled down a bit to be able to use every moving path of spartans, the hitboxes have the same size as the ones of the spartans , the upper neck of the elites is a headshot hitbox for balancing swat.)


that post probably deserves its own thread