Elite SWAT

I actually created a gametype which is similar to SWAT but you play as a elite its very cool , check my fileshare : My gamertag is :nicolaas 360
and gametype : NLN: Elite SWAT

It’s been done. Tested. Scraped.

  1. Elite heads are huge targets and move slowly.
  2. Needle rifle ROF is very fast
  3. Super combine

It was fun for two min.

I had one from last year. Played with a few players. you could say its easier. but i think the old SWAT is better.

To bad I found it really fun :smiley:

elite swat is ok for 5 mins but with the NR its too easy to get headshots, the best swat customs i played were objective type games with different loadouts

1 flag CTF/1 bomb assault obviously with no shield or radar


all sprint no unlimited ammo and no grenades

  1. magnum and shotgun
  2. DMR no secondary

try it out its quite good :slight_smile: