Elite Ranking System. Sr/Er

Hopefully, everyone has now heard about the new ranking system that is being implemented into the game later this year. Supposedly it’s going to be a bit like Halo 3. It will be nice, but I’m not getting tingles down my spine about it.

It did however make me think about something that would be really cool.

Now that many people are nearing the end of our Spartan Ranks (SR), What if 343 added in an Elite Ranking (ER) system?

You could change your species over to Elite, and you would have a completely separate rank for your Elite. It would progress up to 50, just like the spartan ranks, and you could also enlist in specializations, like Arbiter and Zealot. The Elites would have their own separate emblems too.

I know that it wouldn’t make sense, seeing as how the War Games is supposed to fit into the story line of things. But if they did do this, would you play as an Elite more than your Spartan?

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Cool idea man , dont know why they dropped Elites online . I would prefer if you could play as a halo 3 elite not one of the ugly -Yoink- halo 4 elites.

No way thats just more easy levels. Ranking up through xp is boring and pointless. It shows how much you play not how good you are. I just got Halo 4 this month and I’m SR 76 already. I know so many people that are already 130 and the game has been out for what 2 and a half months. It took me a whole year to get my 4 star general in Halo 3. I will probably be max rank in a few weeks here. They need to install a rank system in which it goes from 1-50. Yesterday there were 700,000 people playing Black Ops 2, guess how many were playin halo. Around 60-80 thousand. There are probably more people playing halo 3 than halo 4


One thing War Games was a training program for spartans, why would elites be apart of that.

This idea rocks. Someone show this to 343 like now. Maybe it’ll be in Halo 5 or in a title update due to so many SR130’s. Heck, I’m 106 as of now, I’d love some more ranks.