elite brute fued

can any one tell me why the brutes killed the elites during odst during the mission buck said something about a blood fued. so if any one has any information reply

Long story short, Prophet of Truth told the Brutes, after Prophet of Regret’s death to murder all the Elites. Brutes and Elites always had internal rivalry because Elites were higher ranked then them, but Brutes thought they were more powerful. Along with that he had spread lies about the Elites, and when Regret attacked Earth blindly thinking it wasn’t a human inhabited planet, Truth well aware of this knew but did not say anything. It was a further motive to let Regret go.

The Brutes are mere pawns; while they did despise the Elites out of simple jealousy and competitiveness, the Prophets, specifically Truth, seemed all too willing to use this adversity to further some hidden agenda, some buried grudge, manifested thus far with the demotion and eventual expulsion of the Elites from the Covenant.

So when John killed Regret, it only further excelled Truth’s plan in the plot to betray the Elites. The Elites mainly reported to Regret, however after his death the brutes did not betray the Elites right away, first Truth made some shift in power in ranking with the Elites and Brutes, the Brutes were now initially the honor guard of the Covenant and Elites were no longer.

The cival war goes way deeper in Truth’s selfish motivations.

This is referring to the Covenant’s Great Schism. At the beginning of Halo 2, we see the Elites are in charge of protecting the Prophets (the Honor Guard). As the game progresses, we see a transition where the Brutes replace the Elites because they were unable to defend the Prophets. The Prophets used this reasoning to ally themselves with the Brutes (and Jackals) and basically fight against the Elites (with the Grunts and Hunters). In reality, the Prophets wanted to use the Brutes because they are much easier to control and manage than the Elites. Thus the Covenant Schism had begun. There’s another post about this as well: http://halo.xbox.com/forums/games/f/5/t/3065.aspx

They couldn’t decide on where to order out for pizza.

( This answer is for the lolz and is not canon :stuck_out_tongue: )