Election: in the making

As some of you may have seen, I have been actively posting about the exciting new forge mode. On the Halo 5 forums I post about ways to improve map design and lots of what to avoid, but here I am posting screenshots and clips on new maps, specifically the map “Election”.

  • Election 1: This is the base plate I used for the map construction and, as you can see, its nothing more than an oversized E with a tumor. - Election 2: At this shot, I moved the base plate to a better lit area of the map, with an intent for the bases to both face the sunlight. Also, I added some defining features to grasp the theme of the map better. - Election 3: Not too much improvement, but the natural section of the map is beginning to develop, along with more defining features. (1 hour of build time as of now) - Election 4: Here the bases have been outlined (the covered portion at the corners of the E) and more detail was put into the natural region. - Election 5: filled the straight segment of the E on both sides, built the natural section for the opposite area, outlined the front patio better. (2nd hour of build time, needed more ideas before continuing.) - Election 6: Added a tunnel for vehicle movement (mongoose or warthog at most) and built a pad for the middle segment of the E. Reconstructed parts of the natural regions to pair with the tunnel better. Although it isnt visible, the near base now has a beginning of an interior. - Election 6 (video): the video showing everything up to Election 6. (about 3 hours into building, this has taken longer than I like for a map this size, I need to focus more if I want it done before 5 hours)
    The map still has a long way to go, but as the pictures show, progress is being made, however tedious and slow it may be! I will continue to post updated screenshots and clips, but in the mean time, go off and start your own map with this extremely easy formula for map building. Report back to this thread for help, bragging rights, or comments on my work! Good luck forgers, you may actually want it!

Looks great!

Looks simple enough, but I really would like to see a walk through as a spartan.

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> Looks simple enough, but I really would like to see a walk through as a spartan.

Here is the spartan walk through as of now, its a lot bigger then it looks from above.

looks awesome!

After more than a year, I have returned to this map to finish what I started.

The map name is still election, and it plays 4v4 slayer, ctf, and strongholds. I would like to test this map on BTB as well, to see if it will handle the team size.


It is bookmarked and ready to play. I submitted it to 343i but theres no word on its review yet.

In addition to Election, I retextured the map Chudea (also bookmarked as Chudea RTM).

The map is outfitted for FFA, team doubles, multi team (4 teams of 2), and best of all: 1V1!!

Watch or play!