el mejor juego

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yo soy guapo

This is stupid. Please lock this

Is someone having a stroke?

Hola. Soy Arbitro1171. No sabes que este forum es para Halo 5? Véte de aquí, OP feísimo, or te daré el BANHAMMER!!!

Post in english.

Sección incorrecto.

I can Spanish too! Uno!

> 2533274924106284;7:
> I can Spanish too! Uno!


> 2533274924106284;7:
> I can Spanish too! Uno!

lol for the longest. ^
reason v v
Simmons: lopez do you know where sarge is?
Lopez: no
Griff: i understood that! holy crap i speak spanish!

(v google translate v)
sorry but the mods are unable to handle non english post for moderation so we dont allow for non english post. waypoint is an english speaking forum as a result. just a rule we must follow.

hahaha al menos si van a hablar español digan cosas coherentes no estas mensadas de topics que no tienen sentido

Es la pregunta, que es mi juego favorito en todos los Halos?

O es un troll? Lol

Pues, mi Halo favorito o el mejor juego en mi opinion es Halo 3.

Lopez, is that you?

  1. It is not allowed to post in Spanish. I’m the first one who would like to writh and read in Spanish, but sorry man.
  2. Don’t be racist, americans.