Either get rid of Forge World Maps Or playtest them Better

I’m sick and tired of jetpackers and HLGers being able to glitch out of a forge world map, in order to win a game, its not fun to anyone when we are trying to enjoy the game and these d-bags are basically trolling.

Enclosed needs to be immediately fixed so this doesn’t happen again.

Also to back up my claims that forge world maps need better playtesting and or need to be removed check out an earlier video from a map that got removed from MM.

forgot name of map

Yes, remove ALL Forge World maps, and start from scratch. Playtest each map individually, and double check in forge to see whether the killzones are in places where they are required, and then only then when they are proven to be decent (at least), then they are added to the community playlist.

I assume that “Yes” means “Forge World maps should never be in Matchmaking”, while “Playtest them better” means that Forge World maps are fine, but they should be tested and vetted more thoroughly than the ones currently in Matchmaking have been.

Given those interpretations, I vote for “Playtest them better”.

If you see HLG in their name, just don’t let them take the lead. If they don’t have the lead, there’s no reason to hide.

But yes, Forge World maps pretty much blow, but these out-of-the-map exploits wouldn’t be possible without the Jetpack.

I would say no if we had enough decent dev maps, but we don’t (although anniversary definitely added some of the best maps in the game).

> these out-of-the-map exploits wouldn’t be possible without the Jetpack.

this is a much easier answer. At least out of the competitive playlists like Arena and doubles. While you’re at it, give us more ranked playlists :3