Either all challenges should be able to be completed with bots, or all challenges should be able to be completed in Custom Games

If you’re so adamant on making us do the challenges, please either make it so you can complete them all with bots, or you can complete them all in custom games.


I agree, I’m not much f a fan of PvP, I play it out of obligation rather than for fun. If challenges need to be done then an alternate choice should be provided.


Same with me, I’m not a fan of PvP. I love Halo for the custom games and forge, and with how the challenge system seems to be set up, it punishes anyone who doesn’t want to PvP matchmake. I’m tired of getting nowhere with my challenges, losing 80% of the time because the enemy team is full of sweats while my team hovers around my skill level. One sided steamrolls are never fun to be on the receiving end, especially if that’s pretty much your entire PvP experience.


People would just boost for challenges against bots.

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I don’t see the problem.

And? How would that negatively affect you?

I’m not exactly for this either, but it would let the people who want the armours get it easier, and the people who want to play the game in the other lobbies.

In addition to this they really need to give players some type of bonus to win, or we’ll just keep seeing this anyway.

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Hardly a challenge if you can easily manipulate the settings in customs. I’d be fine with it in bot Arena with maybe ODST difficulty or something.
Obviously the better option is to just get rid of restrictive challenges and make them more general.

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I mean people are already ruining regular matchmaking trying to complete them. If anything, this would possibly stop that.

Oh for sue, but if I can just jump in with a buddy or two and blast through all the weekly challenges in just a few matches that is broken, and 343 would never go for it.