Eggs Is Eggs

I’ve had a long think about the new and controversial changes supposedly being introduced into Halo 4 and I’ve come to a conclusion: Halo is Halo. No matter what way you go about changing it Halo will always be a fundamentally competitive arena shooter and it will always keep its core elements. There will always be shields, there will always be the crazy moonshoe jumps, there will always be revolutionary vehicle combat, there will always be the BR. The list goes on. What I’m trying to say is that, no matter what changes 343 makes there will always be that thing that makes Halo Halo and that makes it different from all the other shooters.
And hell, if I’m wrong there’s always MLG : )

Well i was here before the ‘‘CoD’’ reply got posted.

I don’t get how they think they can judge Halo 4 by the few details we have now… The game is subject to change still.

If I stick a cookie inside the egg is it still an egg?

> If I stick a cookie inside the egg is it still an egg?

Yes but it is an egg variant. A cookie-egg.

OT: I agree with you, OP. Halo has plenty of elements that are unique to it that have never existed in CoD.

Thank you sir, thank you