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For Being so competitive you people cry alot about elements that…true may be considered crutches for those less skilled than you… but whatever.

That just means more challenge for you.

But you cry and cry and cry. About how that noob that you’re so much better than, is getting his hand held in order to keep up with you.

If you were actually good at this game, that wouldn’t mean -Yoink-.

But apparentley you suck, because you cry about EVERYTHING!

Sprint… my god, do you need a -Yoinking!- pacifier?

Here’s the only thing you need to take from this thread.

Competitive players want the same thing as casual players. Except they want certain things removed.

So., if this game was catered to competitives first and casuals second. Certain things would never be made.

Whereas on the other hand. If it’s made for casuals all you really need to do to make it for competitives ,is to leave the ability to tick some of those options off.

Cause that’s all competitive is. A boring, stripped down version of the casual game.

SO if please…go -Yoink- yourselves, competitive players.

You want to know what the “Core” of Halo is.
It’s a FPS played on a console.

That’s the Core of Halo.

Sprint, doesn’t ruin the core of Halo.
AA’s in general could never ruin the CORE of Halo.

Becaus the Core of Halo was to come home, sit down, and shoot some faces and have fun.
Not be forced to play Halo likes it’s a Job too.

Just because your bad at the game doesnt mean you gotta flame us. Halo 2 and 3 were catered to mostly competitive players and they were one of the best games ever. Halo 2 was the best for multiplayer and Halo 3 was pretty good also and Reach was a dissaster.