[EDIT] Mtn Dew Halo 4 Gamer Fuel Confirmed!

Updated pic: http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/292464_10151106412745772_1996133229_n.jpg/185544_10151096025340772_200719494_n.jpg
Another pic at the bottle: http://i.imgur.com/JEH9Z.jpg
Info released by Mtn Dew Uk:
Flavor: Citrus and Raspberry
Competition will begin on the 24th of September
-4 trips to 343 Industries
-40 copies of Halo 4
-Approximately 140 avatar items to win daily.

I hate Mountain Dew…Lucozade ftw!

But that’s cool I guess

I could cry tears of joy just right about now…

Well that sucks. Game Fuel tastes terrible. I would have rather seen Microsoft work on a new product, like Halo 3 did with Game Fuel.

Well I’m not sure if it is gamer fuel, but there is definitely something going on!
If I get more information, I’ll update this thread.

Never had it, maybe I’ll try it out.

> Never had it, maybe I’ll try it out.


But I still think they should have done gamer Doritos

Pretty stoked. Always buy 2 of each. One to try, and one to collect. Still got my Halo 3 ones among the other games that have done game fuel. HALO DEW!

Whats so good about this? Couldn’t you have just got md anyways?


For peoples info: Mountain dew tastes quite nice so i do recommend going out and buying a bottle to try some or try your friends if he/she has one :smiley:

Is there going to be a new flavor for it?

cool way to promote the game! I’ll buy some, now if only this could create a massive amount of hype then itd be like halo 3 then I’d feel at home then I’d be happy. 343 should look into some more advertising like this because this does help quite a bit.

Looks like they have a red one and green one, but what is blurred under chief?

> I hate Mountain Dew…Lucozade ftw!
> But that’s cool I guess

Agreed. Lucozade is the biz!

Mountain Dew is probably the most disgusting soft drink I’ve ever tasted.

I still have an unopened can of Halo 3 LE… Amateurs pshhh this is the best tasting Mountain Dew there is it’s hard to explain the flavor it was so amazing. 5 years and I can still taste it mmmm

Yeah, -Yoink- off Black Ops Poo! No one wants to drink you anyway!

Ha I kid the black ops.

Well, no need to save my MW3 game fuel for the Halo 4 launch any more!

This week just keeps getting me more stoked and stoked. First that UNSC weapons video, and now this. I’m about to explode with joy.

Too bad their drink is made to sabotage your performance and make you play like -Yoink-.

Oh yeah.

Please tell me this is coming to Canada.