[EDIT] Can’t use custom installation MCC on Xbox

so, I am installing the game (MCC) on a new Xbox one, but my custom installation (I believe it is also called smart delivery) is not working. Every time I try to ‘accept’ the changes made in the installation menu, it does not save anything. So now l am forced to download 100gb of games, which means a ton of time in this period, due to connection problems and so on.
It is really absurd that I have to install 97 gb of games while I just want to play halo 3 multiplayer or halo 2C. Most of all I do not want to have halo 4 installed on my console because it is pure garbage, and i do not even want to see that thing.
Other than that, is it there a solution? I tried everything: hard reset, signing out, reset, disconnecting WiFi.
Plus, i already finished the installation of Halo 1-2-3, but the multiplayer will not even start, because it says I have to finish ALL the downloads. Maybe this is some sort of way to force people to play halo 4?

EDIT: everything is installed but I can’t launch multiplayer. It says I need to install every game’s multiplayer, while it is clearly installed. This game has so many problems.

Same problems here!
Every time I want to go into multiplayer, it tells me that Halo CE multiplayer, Halo 2 multiplayer, Halo 3 multiplayer, halo 4 multiplayer and halo reach multiplayer aren’t downloaded.
And when I click on « Ok » to custom my downloads I can see that all Halo are fully downloaded, even multiplayer.
Please answer us Halo, your games are the best but that’s not supposed to happen.

Halo games were the best. 343’s ones are the worst.
Actually they are not even working. Someone once said ‘if ain’t broke, break it’, that’s 343’s motto.
I am sure some mod will show up after this statement, while none has helped us until now (a week).

Had to delete the whole collection but sure as hell I am not going to install that 100 gb again. What a shame.

Hey David! I had the same problem as well and I figure this might be a bit late of a reply but I just found out all you have to do is click on a game that isn’t downloaded completely and the menu should pop up asking if u want to custom install your games. For instance I clicked on halo 3, it wasn’t done installing, it ask for a custom install, and sent me there.