Eden Prime - 4v4 Slayer.

> -Map-


> -Intro-

Abandoned was once a place of study, a playground for scientist, studying the botany of the ring, where it came from, and why but once the plants started to grow through the medal, they felt it was time to leave, or those who could.


This map works best for FFA, and anything under 4v4, it will support objective game types like flag stockpile and headhunter, but it does not support bomb. The map I designed to be a conglomeration of tight quarters with long lines of site. It has a very equal amount short to long range sites, and utilizes all weapons accordingly.


It makes a great map for 2v2 or 1 on 1 challenges, it has a fair trade be tween bases, with tight corners for escaping fire, or even setting up traps on the other team. It’s very hard to camp on the map, but it still retains the ability to duck when you need too.


There are two gorgeous grass ramps to either high point in the map for a quick over head view to spot out enemies. The shotgun lays in the middle of map for quick rushing, but doesn’t have a over-sized clip so you can’t run rampant on the map with it. The sniper is next to the rock wall in the maps center, with an average clip size it comes in handy when players run down the long sights, but is weakened by all the cover.


Dmr’s work great, Ar’s work great, elite slayer works fantacular, and for an extreme amount of fun, I recommend you try head hunter.


Frame rate is perfect for single and I have had no reports on splitscreen Framerate.

> http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/Screenshots.aspx?player=AgentPaperCraft

The play zone has been optimized so players cannot sneak out of the map, spawns are optimized to prevent camping, or spawn killing. There are no high spawns for position camping.