ECG Gaming Community

Who are we?: ECG of Elite Confederacy of Gamer’s.

We are: a mature Gaming Community. We have a Ranking Structure, and Code of Conduct and Community Structure. We have made all of these things easy to understand and grasp, promoting members who want to be leaders and supporting members who just want to chill out and just play with Community members. Even if you want to be a leader you will not be tied down with your “normal” leadership overwhelming duties. We make it easy to run; Squads, Branches, Sections and Divisions. We want all of our members to have fun and we want them to know they are a part of a family and not just a large group of people.

Who am I?: I am a person who loves video games and loves Gaming Communities and love to run them. I love to see people happy. I have over 13 years of Community experience. I have run a very successful Community in the past. I am looking to build a model Community for all Gamer’s in Communities. I want to build a caring Community with respectful members and dedicated members who love being a part of a Community and contributing to it.

What we plan on for the future?: We plan on building a Community full of respected Gamer’s, that show pride in the things they do whether inside or outside the Community. We also plan on moving to Halo 4 once it comes out. We also plan on eventually getting setup in COD in the near future as soon as Halo is stable and full functioning. We also plan on holding Community wide tournaments.

If you have any questions feel free to either message me on here by leaving a reply or by contacting me on Xbox Live:

i own a group called letsroll on and also i am site staff over there… come check us out and maybe we can work out a fun mixer night…

Please review the Recruiting Forum Rules and see that it says that each clan is allowed ONE recruiting thread.

You may update your current thread with new information once a week however a second is not allowed.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in your clan being removed from the Clan Directory and you will also no longer be allowed to recruit on our forums.