Easy way to lower the weapon?

Anyone else want an easy way to lower their weapon (for machinema purposes) like you could in halo 2? Like simply just holding left trigger down or pressing the down button on the d-pad? This would make it extremely nice for machinima and other videos because instead of having to shoot/melee/throw a grenade you could simply press a button and your gun wouold come back up!

Any thoughts?

Yes, then i would be able to entertain everpony over here in ponyville, :3

Well seeing as how we use the d-pad for virtually nothing, I think it would be great if they made it where you just hold down or something. And it would be great if it were available in matchmaking!

I wouldn’t mind the same weapon-lowering system Halo 3 and Halo: Reach had. Weapon lowering was only useful in things pertaining to machinima. I see no reason to invest any more time than necessary in its functionality. However, I do hope that they make the lowered-weaponed player’s look as beautifully-statured as possible if they did touch that functionality at all.

D-pad down! Enough of the stupid button combos.

Going down on the D pad to lower your weapon would be nice.

> D-pad down! Enough of the stupid button combos.

Exactly, its extremely frustrating in machinima to have to press five different buttons to lower the gun… Halo 2s setup was specifically catered to Red Vs. Blue (Rooster teeth) and their videos so that they coul do it simply.

On a side note, im fairly certain that weapon lowering is in the game because we saw master chief walking with his br lowered on the vidcap sooo…