Easy way to get airborne Warthog kill.

So obviously, the best map to do this on is Harvest, due to there being multiple Warthogs and plenty of jumps. Now the first thing you’re going to think is probably jump on the turret of a Warthog and hope you run across someone with no shields.

Let’s face it, the turret on the Warthog in Halo 4 is weak. It’s likely you’ll probably never get a kill with it while in the air, unless you’re somehow lucky to run across someone who is a one shot.

I just thought of this over night, as I was so close to getting an airborne kill, but the bullets couldn’t do enough damage to actually kill them before landing. I believe the best way to get this achievement? Get in the passenger seat. Seriously, all you need is a power weapon that can kill in a single shot and this achievement can be done no sweat. Rocket Launchers and Railguns spawn in Harvest, all you have to do is get to them, but most of the time they seem to be neglected so you probably won’t have to fight your way to it.

I was in a full Warthog and I was on the turret, the guy in the passenger seat had a Railgun and got more kills then I could on the turret! I bet he even got the achievement at one point.

Overall rule? Don’t use the turret, find a power weapon and get in the passenger seat! You’ll actually be able to get kills from there!

I hope this helps, as I will be trying it out soon enough and hopefully get that achievement.

Thanks for the tip I wasn’t sure if that would work or not.

I wonder if an airborne splatter on a jetpacker would count.

well every noob in halo 4 spawns with stickies, and if one is thrown on your half of the map you’ll get stuck and die. screw using a warthog

We considered this method as well when Myself and a group of friends were playing the dlc. However, in the end what we ended up doing was waiting at the bottom of a ramp waiting for someone to come into position, then shooting them with the turret till they were one shot THEN going up the ramp and finishing them in the air OR(and this is how I got it) shooting another vehicle till it’s about to explode going up the ramp and finishing it off. People run and hide easier than vehicles can so I feel they are the easier one to destroy.

I have all the achievements already as well if you need any other advice towards the others.

i love you…i seriously just read this, went into game, complete it, that worked perfectly <3

Easiest way I found was to get a sticky detonator and stick an enemy vehicle or enemy and detonate it once you were airborne.