Does anyone know of an easier way of getting Spartan Laser kills, or just an easier way of getting Spartan Lasers in general?

They should buff it alot. It really is a very weak weapon considering that it should be the strongest weapon in the game. It should be as strong as it is in Halo 3 but not to have 5 charges.

I think it has to do with a lot of luck! What I usually do is ‘precharge’ the laser. i.e. I let it charge the whole time until I find a target. Then its just shoot and pray for a hit! Other than that its pretty useless. If i dont get them in that hit I usually just switch my gun.

i would suggest rushing the laser on ragnarok and using it to take out enemy vehicles. especially warthogs as there are 2 or even 3 people inside. the vehicles seem able to survive a hit, though, so maybe wait for some dmr rounds or whatever to hit your target.

Use the perks where you get more frequent ordinance drops and the one where u can change the options if you are not happy with the drop…this will at least help you get a laser more often…that is if u don’t care about changing your load outs…

Play dominion on exile, it spawns all the time at the bases. Use the ammo ability and you get two more shots out of your laser.

Thanks for the quick replies! Yeah ive heard that the Dominion way works best, just gotta get back into it!