Easy fix for warzone (343 please read)

Now listen, before I start I wanted to say that I love 343 and I love warzone. However warzone needs a fix.
I also don’t want this to be one of those posts where it just slides past 343 and is forgotten about. I want them to see this and hear me out.
One of the biggest problems with warzone is the fact that teams can be placed against randoms. Now I have no issue with this. I think that’s fine, however almost every game that’s its team vs randoms, the randoms get wiped out easily.
When your a random and you play against a team(or even randoms) one of the worst feelings you can get is when you can just tell that the enemy team is going to win and there’s no chance you can.
I have played alot of Games where I do make a comeback however it happens very rarely. After playing a few truly terrible games of warzone I’ve come to realize the main problem that alot of people are blind to.
It’s not bosses, its not being spawntrapped, its not even fighting against a team. The main issue is BASES.
Bases give you points, having two bases give you double the points, three gives you triple. The fact is, this breaks the game, it makes for an unfair battle.
I have played with alot of talented players and because of the fact that the enemy has two bases it eliminates the fact of skill. Even if we do manage to take back one base, if the enemy has the middle base, chances are they’re going go take back one in the next few minutes.
I believe that points awarded for holding bases should be removed, this allows for a fair game. Yes it may go by a little slower however this can be fixed easily.
Kills currently give 1 point. 1 out of 1000. Even if you get 50 kills in a game in makes no major impact towards getting to that 1000. Making the talent of some players useless.
So instead of 1 points being awarded per kill make it 5, I would say 10 however 1 person can get the team to 500 points. This way it only does about 250 points and that is if someone gets 50 kills. Most people only make it to 25-30.
However even with 5 points per kill it would still have the game going fairly slow without the base points.
Simply adding 1 point per assist could help make the game go faster. It will also help make less skilled players feel more rewarded.
Bosses can also have increased points so that the game can still keep a quick pace.
SUMMARIZED VERSION: -Remove base points -5 points per kill -1 point per assist -50 points per regular boss -200 points per legendary boss Makes for: -Fair gameplay -Rewards for skilled and non-skilled players -quick paced game
(if you only read summarized version and need reasoning please read the full post)