Easy fix for the new battle rifle

I just realized why I hate the battle rifle and love the Halo CE magnum. It’s because when you shoot the CE magnum you have to shoot at a pace that doesn’t make your bullets spread otherwise you’ll have recoil to them. This requires actual skill. Every halo game after CE gives you a battle rifle that spaces out your shots for you so they don’t spread. Having a weapon like the battle rifle that spaces out the recoil/bullet spread for you lowers the skill gap significantly, makes the game boring and hinders future replay-ability because it’s not satisfying. Killing with the CE magnum is satisfying. Remove the extra 3 little bullets that come out of a battle rifle, remove that hand holding gap between shots and make the infinite BR shoot like the CE magnum. If you want to make another easy game like halo 2, 3, 4, infinite won’t last. That’s the truth and everyone knows it.

So a DMR then…?

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> So a DMR then…?

If that’s what it takes, yes.

Having played Reach on not TU settings, I’d like to avoid intentional bloom.

we dont need another DMR. While I dislike the br in H3, it was mainly because the spread in the BR was random. If anything, making the spread predictable makes it a bit more skillful to use as you need to learn the spread to hit all the shots to make it actually a 4 shot kill.

Any kind of random mechanic added to precision weapons is an awful idea. BR spread was terrible in Halo 3, and Bloom is honestly worse as it promotes spray and pray over actually timing your shots.

Honestly if the spread was removed from the Halo 3 BR it would be the best iteration of the main precision weapon ever. Having a longer range burst weapon and a medium range precision weapon would be the way to go imo. I’m hoping that the Sidekick in HI doesn’t actually have reticle bloom and that what we see in the trailer is just a visual guide for the fire rate over actual bloom. If so, we could see a pretty solid niche for both the pistol and the BR, but only time will tell

It seemed like the Commando Rifle shown was almost a mix between a BR & DMR. Really interested to see how it performs in gameplay. Could they appease both crowds or will it be too “ehhh, in the middle” for either side to gravitate to it?

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> It seemed like the Commando Rifle shown was almost a mix between a BR & DMR. Really interested to see how it performs in gameplay. Could they appease both crowds or will it be too “ehhh, in the middle” for either side to gravitate to it?

It’s an automatic DMR, just writing it down makes me nervous. If not balanced well what you might get is a SAW with long range capabilities!

I think this is the first “every game since CE is easy” type of post I’ve seen and honestly it’s incredible.
Like OP isn’t even an Original Trilogy loyalist, this is full on CE is the only skilled Halo game and I love it.

On topic though, I think it’s clear that this is an unpopular opinion. Give a BR to anyone who hasn’t played Halo before and they will usually drop it for the AR which is a lot more player friendly and an easy way to get kills by bum rushing the baddies. Point is you have to learn how to use the BR. Its not something that you can just pick up and start fragging with unless you are practiced with it.
As a side note the Halo 5 pistol is exactly what you are asking for.

I would like to see a weapon that shakes up the meta a bit. Halo is so focused on semi-automatic or burst fire weapons that it could be interesting to see what would happen if, perhaps a plasma weapon, was efficient at something.

I prefer a ”best aimer wins” kind of game.

Bloom makes short range battles more luck based.
Spread makes long range battles more luck based.
None of the above makes the weapon easier to use yes, but the actual battles more skill based (for the most part at least imo)

It’s a matter of preference

Pre-Overtime Update BR (and all other loadout weapons really) in H5 was the best BR to date.

I’ve never been enamored with the H2 BR the way most of the community obviously is, but it is beyond the shadow of a doubt a fan favorite weapon. I wouldn’t say it takes no skill to use, either, but it is certainly true that the CE magnum certainly felt a little trickier to use to its fullest effect-- which makes players who can use it very well more impressive to me than the majority of players who can grab BR kills without too much hassle. The DMR was my favorite solution to all of it, making a more truly “marksman” weapon that needed a bit more concentration on shot pacing and precision aim than the BR but was more practical lore-wise than the Magnum. It’s a bit alarming to me that it hasn’t been confirmed for Infinite along with the other Monster skinned weapons.

You do not have to pace your shots in CE, the only time the Pistol has significant spread in CE is when you hold down the trigger. Adding bloom and random spread to precision weapons does not increase the skill gap in any way.

The CE Pistol was satisfying it was more difficult to use than basically any of its counterparts that came out of later games. The aim assist simply isn’t as forgiving and you needed to lead your shots.

Adding RNG doesn’t make weapons more difficult or satisfying to use, it just means that more encounters are going to be decided by luck rather than skill.

  • The CE Magnum bullet spread is independent of firing rate unless you hold down the trigger. You can shoot as fast as you want without additional penalty. Also, the Halo 3 BR spread is larger than the (non-automatic) CE Magnum spread. - Pacing one’s shots requires minimal skill. There is very little learing curve to “shoot slower”. Furthermore, if the penalty from shooting fast is random spread, it actually doesn’t encourage players to pace their shots at close and medium range, because it turns out that being lucky and fast wins more often than being accurate and slow. Finally, hindering the firing rate of players decreases the skill in gun fights because hitting multiple shots on a moving target with less time between each shot is, up to a certain point, more difficult than doing the same with more time between each shot, because more time is more time to see where you need to aim next. - The CE Magnum takes skill (in part) because you can shoot so fast, because it results in bigger differences between the average kill times of skilled and unskilled players. The other, and probably the main, reason that the CE Magnum takes so much skill is because the projectiles travel at slower speeds than in other games, which means that the player has to be better at extrapolating the movements of their opponent.So, while I approve of faster firing precision weapons, bullet spread and bloom deserve to fade to obscurity.