Easter playlist idea

Om since Easter is coming soon I was trying to think of some cool special playlist for easter and while I was thinking I thought. As a bunch of ball game modes are out what if that was the playlist. As oddball and ricochette is only custom games why not use one of these as the base game mode. Bring it to matchmaking. I was thinking more oddball. I would love this for easter playlist and the ball can have a egg painted on it or it can be colored as a easter egg. And maybe on all the maps for this playlist there are hidden timmy the whales or something like ruptide with the grunts. And I thought to myself. I really like fiesta and odd ball and this came to mind. What about oddball with random wepapon spawns. And ball carrier get double thrust and throwing ability with the spotting feature like assault and ctf. So what do you guys think. Was my ideas a good idea or no. And what would you want for easter.