Your Host:
Riot Rojas

Halo 4

April 25, 2014


Grab your baskets, Spartans. You’ll be going on a major hunt that everyone will be killing for. That is…free codes, which will lead to Rumble Hell, so when i say Rumble Hell, I mean Rumble Pit, Regicide, Survival, and Affiliation Slayer (USNC, COVIE, or FORE). We’ll be playing on all maps (including DLC, but if you don’t have it, its alright). I’m looking forward to seeing ya’ll there. Riot out.

Guest List:

  1. Riot Rojas
  2. Cizlin
  3. topsniper707
  4. RJCCJ
  5. ComicBeast1212
  6. OompaaMyLoompaa
  7. Schattan Blitze
  8. StrikingFate
  9. Mecha Sh0ckwave
  10. erickyboo
  11. lizking10152011
  12. MirageandJazz11

…Looking forward to seeing you all there fully prepared, b/c its gonna get pretty messy…


If you could put these on the 17th and 18th, then I’d be tremendously glad. I can’t make it to any other day, as I have tests…

If those are the dates, then sign me up! :wink:

I’m just gonna throw my hat in there. If you need more people in the end just tell me. I always have at least 10 people on Halo4.

I can maybe come. I’m pretty sure I can’t make it the 15th though if that’s one of the days.

Totally free on the 17th. I know that’s narrowing it down a lot, but another thing came up.

But count me in!
Hippity hop hop, hippity hop hop, here comes Newby Comictail, flailing down the War Games trail…

Those are all weekdays! I may participate on the 18th.

I see a lot of Holy Thursday and Good Friday availability. Very well, I’ll have it on Friday, :D.

> I see a lot of Holy Thursday and Good Friday availability. Very well, I’ll have it on Friday, :D.

Will there be just that one…?

Okay. I might pop in for a bit in that time period.

Friday? I should be able to make that.

Alrighty, I updated the guest list for the 18th of April, :smiley:


I might join depending on what codes could be there.

Why doesn’t Revy ever play with you?

> Why doesn’t Revy ever play with you?

Well, not to go off-topic, but we don’t talk as much anymore, do to jobs in other countries (she’s in international trading so yeah, she’s a business girl working from here and in China). So our playtime together is very limited unfortunately, :frowning: You could say the last time, we saw each other was back in February, the week of Valentine’s Day.

Yeah, there will be codes, however, FOTUS won’t be one of them.

Count me in for all these.

Count me in too!

> Count me in for all these.

> Count me in too!

Ok, I added both of you to the list, :slight_smile:

so do we get invited or what?

> so do we get invited or what?

I’ll be sending out Invites through XBL at around 8:00 PM EST NYC TIME (8:30 the latest)

SIT REP: I unfortunately gonna have to move the gamenight to Sunday night. Being dragged by family to attend 8 PM mass for Good Friday. It will be at the same time though.

Ah okay! Thanks for the info! Looking forward to Sunday then! :smiley:

Well…wasn’t what i had expected, then again, it was Easter and everyone had other plans to attend to as did I. However, Easter is not really over until Pentacost, and may have this for Friday, which i think would be more suitable. Again, this weekend, was pretty packed up, which I wasn’t expecting, but i would really like to have another gamenight so as of now, its Friday. Same time.