Easter Egg thread!

I havn’t seen many easter eggs in halo 4 yet.

This one with dancing covies is pretty cool.


Post easter eggs you’ve found or seen.


Oh sweet are there any vidoes of that or anything?

> Oh sweet are there any vidoes of that or anything?

You can’t miss it, is on the first air lock (before launching the missile) just look around and you’ll find it.

Hmm I couldn’t find it dude :confused:


That dancing Covies thing isn’t really an easter egg. They’re just cheering because they found the Composer.

I thought Easter was in April… ^.^

> A LE case floating around in the low gravity section of Dawn.

There is one just outside Chiefs cryo tube on the floor too.

Ooooh I see it thanks.

Yep. as you exit Master Chief’s cryotube look down to the right and you see the limited edition, there is also another one out the front of cryotube number 6 and there is another one, but I cant remember it at the moment.

Another interesting fact is that if you zoom into the LE boxes they have the same serial number.

Just had another look. yeah that’s cool thanks for pointing it out!

Conan O’Brien, Jeff Steitzer, and a big fat green smiley, all on the 6th mission starting room.

What dude i can’t find that…?

I’m still waiting for that one super secret one to be found…

Its more of a glitch but if you go to youtube look up mrslothguy and Theres a video of small covi.

The dancing Covies is even more cooler when you don’t end it.

The hidden sniper Elites are pretty interesting. I think there might be a similar easter egg on Infinity since you get the Promethean Vision as an objective.

Johnson is remembered in Halo 4.

The spartan laser has a label on it that you can see with a sniper scope that reads: big scary laser gun. Do not point at remaining eye

That laser thing is do funny i just looked!!

accident double.