Easter Egg Ideas

My step-brother and I had come up with an idea for and easter egg in Halo 4 and would like to hear your ideas! Our idea is a definate answer behind Jun’s fate after Reach. But it is an easter egg so it’s not out in the open or in a cutscene.

yea i like it, maybe a transmission on whatever undc ship he gets on

Sounds good. Im wondering if the next trilogy would carry on the tradition of the “suicidal marine”.

As for my own idea: pimps at sea reference.

I would like 343i to make some extremely hard puzzle to solve. Once solved, a door opens and you get access to a room. Going trough the room would be full of traps making it even more of a pain in the -Yoink- to reach the end. At the end, you will cry of happiness to see your reward… And then THIS shows up!

That’s a very good idea, we were thinking you would find his corpse, like he died fighting.

All I want is the SID to be a Easter egg and my life would be complete. inside joke alert