Easter Egg findings

Hello there, everyone.

Quite recently, as you all could see on the latest HB. they mentioned various Easter eggs scattered throughout the game.

I have found the one one which was on forerunner, and I guess that pretty much everyone has found it by now (thank you, Halo community!), however, the two others remain un-certified (well, as far as I know, heh).

So, how about you guys and girls out there? Have you discovered/come across any Easter eggs recently? They can be big or small, mentioned or unmentioned, just keep it clean, eh?

For example, I have found 2 easter eggs on the mission ‘Reclaimer’, aboard the Mammoth.

Firstly, on various computers that marines are working on, to the left of the screen there can be a small list of logs in blue boxes. I am pretty sure that I can make out the words “bla bla bla” on some of them.

Secondly, I have found a certain emblem scattered on walls upon the Mammoth.

(Okay, this one DOES need some work, BUT…)

I have also found a Covenant Carbine and 2 plasma grenades under a small rocky bridge in the first parts, near where the mammoth stops. Perhaps, if you carry it through the mission, you gai some reward or cutscene? I did this on legendary and ragequit at the part of the EMP strike on the Mammoths cannon.

SO, any others?

I stumpled over these mysterious messages in the Mammoth, too.

All I could decipher was “bla bla bla this is a touch [?!]” in the first row, the fourth word in the second row looks a bit like “poo” and the last ‘word’ in the fourth row looks like ZOMG.

The screen I was looking at was the right one on the lowest level, while looking towards the front of the Mammoth.