easiest 200k odst?

tommorow I will be attempting a 200k achievement for odst with another player, what is the easiest mission and suggested difficulty to play on? Thanks.

For me it was the map Crater, I did it solo. Difficulty doesn’t really matter in my experience because easy and normal may be easier to kill enemies but you get less points, heroic and legendary are harder but give more points per kill. If you’re willing to put in the time you’re almost certain to get 200,000 on easy, if you’re impatient and have the skill do it on legendary. I did it on easy but it took like 4-5 hours because kills gave me such a small amount of kills. Keep in mind that a second player is really helpful but you will share lives with them, so avoid dying obviously.

Another good map is Lost Platoon, especially for co-op, there are wraiths that can be really annoying so deal with them first with the spartan laser provided, stealing some choppers is a great idea, ploughing through enemies, be careful when the catch skull is on though because when you’re charging at an enemy they might pull out a spike or plasma grenade which will wreck you chopper.

Hopefully I helped.

I think Lost Platoon is the easiest, on Heroic. As the person above me stated, grab plasma pistols and get in brute choppers. Once both/all of you are in choppers, it’s a walk in the park. At one point, Bungie excluded Lost Platoon from leaderboards because this exploit was so easy for people to rack up the points.

ok thanks guys, I might do lost platoon solo on normal? That a good idea?