easier weapon lowering would be nice

I don’t see why we have to have complicated butten combinations to lower are weapons.

Can’t they make it like Halo 2 but instead of holding the left trigger with no grenades just hold it for 4 seconds and it stays down untill you press it again.

Also let us lower are weapons on xbox live that would be great for machinma with many people.

Please 343 and thank you.

Cant see why it cant be done in MM after all the no weapon/ weapon loss glitch that it could cause should be easily fixed.

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Because 343i is more interested in best Mantis-themed community screenshots of the week to care about anything the forums have to say.

Along with an available No Weapons option in Customs Games, and actual animations for not having a weapon like every Halo game ever besides Halo 4, this would be great for Machinimas and custom games alike.


It was actually Scenery-themed screenshots.

Just the one button to lower a weapon would be SOOOOO great!

The D-pad has not been used to it’s fullest potential in any halo game…just putting that out there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pfffft no.

It’s waaaay too much work to just use an unused directional pad button for this feature.


Or just have us press down on the D-Pad like we did in Halo 2.

I don’t get the point of the button combo’s either. Really pointless if you’re trying to make a video of some kind and lower your weapon. Heck, most of the time those scenes get done in revers because it’s easier.

Also, make it like previous games where the weapon stays down when you’re moving. Making it go up in Halo 4 even if you are only turning is just silly, and uneeded.

Aside from that, allowing us to do it online would be nice as well, especially for machinimas. Would also be helpful when trying to be sneaky so the enemy can’t see your gun poking out around the corner.