EA's Anthem did it better... (Customization Comparison)

(I will be updating this thread to include links to screenshots and videos for reference check back for updates)
I never thought I would compare a Halo game to the directionless design of EA’s Anthem, but when it comes to player customization and player expression, Halo: Infinite has taken 3 steps backwards.

Halo: Infinite’s customization feels like a huge regression of what we used to have as a foundation in previous titles. As early of Halo 2 we have been able, at a minimum, to change:

  • Armor:
  • Pirmary Color
  • Seconday Color
  • Emblem:
  • Foreground
  • Background

Now, let’s take a look at Anthem’s Javelin customization…

Similar to Halo you can change your Javelin’s:

  • Helmet
  • Torso
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Emblem (Vinyls)

Things in Anthem that you cannot do in Halo: Infinite:

*Change the “Wear State” (Dirty, Old, or Standard displaying various wear to your armor)
*Paint and Materials

Anthem Allows users to change the color and material for 6 customizable regions, 3 designated Hard indicating outer armor, and 3 designated soft for the under suit at no additional cost to players:

  1. Primary Hard
  2. Secondary Hard
  3. Tertiary Hard
  4. Primary Soft
  5. Secondary Soft
  6. Tertiary Soft

Each of these areas allow you to select a variety of materials which are one of Anthem’s Monetization Cosmetics such as:

  • Paint Clean
  • Metallic
  • Rubber
  • Hardened Plastic
  • Fabric: Tactical
  • Fabric: Nylon
  • Diamond Plate

(MORE TO COME feel free to discuss the current points)


Nice Blobeye.
I think that Infinite’s coatings is both a hit and a miss. If 343 made and released more, they would be superior. However, since they haven’t the coatings end up being essentially repeats of previous coatings. That would be fine, if there weren’t so few coatings in the first place.

Anthem did an amazing job with customization. There were fewer parts to choose from admittedly, but the amount of time you could spend playing with the textures, colors, and dirtiness made up for it 100 times over. And their store ALWAYS had something new to to change up the customization even more. Such a wasted opportunity for EA with that title.

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7 to 10 year game btw(like how infinite is supposed to be a 10 year game)

If infinite was a ea gsme it would also get the anthem treatment(ie get taken out back and shot)

Am I the only one who’s curious to see what the written opinions of those currently (or who going to be) gushing over Anthem’s customization were when it was alive?

Just a reminder Anthem’s monetary cosmetic system was so bad it was used as a referential phrase to describe other titles:


I mean i didn’t play anthem but my friends were praising the customization around the launch and said they can’t wait for the updates to happen

I had a few playing as well, but for what little positive feedback that got shared I don’t recall any mention of the customization system among it.

To be fair it was one of the things they listed they mostly talked about the jetpack trying to get me to buy it after they didn’t convince me to get it they started talking about the customization as they know im a guy who likes customization in games

Glad i didn’t buy anthem as we all know what happened to it

I may not have played it but pretty sure anthem flopped HARD.

Oh it died a gruesome death, but it had much better customization than Halo Infinite.

shame it looked so good. And any customisation would look good to compared to halo infinite’s :rofl:

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“Um, eXcUsE mE! I aLrEaDy MaDe ThIs PoSt…”

I don’t actually care.:smile: The more people that learn about Anthem’s customization the better.

Infinite technically already has “Anthem’s” monetary cosmetic system as the article describes it, though it’s not the same genre:

Both Anthem and Avengers are good at making armor sets…But I don’t think we’ve ever actually had a game in this genre supported by free content alone and relying only on cosmetic purchases after launch that went on to be a success.

Us people “gushing” over Anthem’s customization just want control over how we look; without having to hope that a developer has the same taste we do and makes a coating we like. Preferably, without rampant overpricing, but I doubt that’ll happen looking at how they’re increasing prices each week, poking us to see if we’ll react.

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Even Bungie did it better with Destiny, and Destiny isn’t anything to brag about, especially now.

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Destiny 2 shaders system craps all over halo infinite’s coating system like at least we can color multiple parts with different shaders


More =/ better.

343 has the arrogance to decide colour combinations for players which is why people hate Infinite customization first and foremost.

If they had just offered a basic palette of 7 colours and sell additional palettes with VASTLY more colours hues saturations and textures, the customization will be top notch.

It doesn’t. Except, when they have so many (ideally for free) that everyone has a favorite coating that they absolutely adore. The problem is is that 343 is trying to make ones that appeal to one person rather than a group (for example, a standard white coating with nothing special). That’s why I think more could equal better as there will be more people who get their ideal coating. To be honest, there are some vehicle/weapon coatings that should be added to armor.

And here is 343 selling plain colors, as if it’s something special.

The issue with attempting to replicate this is that D2 relies on “material” bases to determine which shaders interact with what pieces on which class, Infinite doesn’t really have this in the capacity that D2 does.

It’s why so many shaders can be mixed and matched on one class, but the same shaders wouldn’t work on another. The system would have to massively retooled to incorporate this.

The coating system has its place, but it’s definitely being stifled for some reason.

Sell and top notch in one sentence… Definitely not man.

That reason being a quick way to sell stuff for profit