Earning more Credits

Hello everyone, I need some help. i have been playing reach since 1230 am release day. I dont know what i did in the setup, but i only earn 50 credits MAX each multiplayer game or even in the campaign!!! its really really pi$$ing me off. at first, i thought i was just me. so i let my brother play on my profile, STILL only 50 credits! i played on his, 550 CREDITS!!! CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME WHATS GOING ON, I WANT MY FREAKIN EVA HELMET!!!

You earn credits based on your performance each game. The best way to do that is to just keep playing the game and get better, you will earn more.

You earn more in firefight matchmaking anyway. Campaign, you earn credits as you hit checkpoints. It won’t tell you how many you have. Just guage it by checking how many cR’s you have going into the campaign, then check every so often to see what you’ve gotten.

were u paying offline? Because that happened to me and all my friends when we played offline so that might be ur problem.

ive had the same problem buddie but i found out if you go to matchmaking and co-operative and play those firefights you earn atleast 2000 credits depends on the performance of how you play hope that helped :slight_smile: