Earn XP from badges earned in game?

Everytime I play a game and I put a lot of effort into playing objectives and getting multiple kills to get badges like killtacular or doube kill, back smash etc. By the end of the game you’ve racked up a good amount of badges and experience from playing well.

But then at the end when you get back to the report screen I feel cheated for only get 50xp to the battle pass for all my efforts. Like should I really even try and be good at the game and feel rewarded for it. Because at the current rate with how we’re rewarded I think I’ll lose interest after sometime and it just feels like a lot of effort for no reason.

In halo reach I remember playing with friends and us competing to see who can get the most amount of xp in a match to rank up faster. And it was so much fun todo.

Please can we not get xp rewarded for what we do in a match instead of just earning these challenges?? This would also encourage me more to buy the battle pass because I would see what I’ve earned already and if I just buy the battle pass I can get all the cool skins I’ve already unlocked in the levels. But right now it’s way to much effort for me to even consider buy the battle pass.

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As long as they can figure out a way to do this without changing how people play (like trying to farm xp easy medals) its probably the best idea I’ve heard